Nothing Matters.



You have nothing.  Nothing in matter is yours.  Nothing at all.  You don’t have a house or an apartment, you don’t have that expensive handbag from Gucci that your silly boyfriend bought for to make you happy, without knowing thinking that you can’t buy happiness.  You don’t have your phone that helps you connect with your family, or friends, nothing can help you to connect with the soul of others if you can’t do that by your own.  You don’t have friends, those of you that have thousands of pictures in your Instagram or snap chat, they are just beautiful memories that you shared once in your life.  You don’t have family, you have no father or mother, they are simply souls who accompany you on this life.  They thought you how to share not to possess.  You have no boyfriend/girlfriend, they are free souls who chooses to walk slow in the same road that have been chooses you, they are not belong to you.Nor do you belong to them.

Have you ever asked yourself that “If I have everything why I am not feeling happy, why don’t I feel gratitude?”.

Because, you are afraid to lose, and again there is nothing to lose, because you don’t have nothing.  Don’t you feel poor?  And there is no way to feel poor.   Always remember that all the people that are coming in your life, they don’t stay forever, they are coming for a reason to give a lesson, to share with you, to love and to ask for love, to hell, and then they go, you have to let them go, because they belong to life.

Let them go, you are not made to carry everything with you, and start living your life.

After you will understand this, you will see how simple life becomes, how liberating it is not to possess autonomous.

Life is amazing, always remember those words from Hafiz ”

“Even After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky.”



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Maybe the Happiness is something else.


Maybe you shouldn’t look for love,

Perhaps the love is not what you think that it is,

Love can be one tender touch under the blanket, or for example can be “good morning”,

Or maybe is the breathe of the wind on your skin, or is the fight between you and ocean waves,

Or maybe is  your first snow that you saw in your life, or is the rain on your face.

Maybe you shouldn’t look for love and happiness,

Perhaps the love is not there where you looking for,

Because you could feel right now love and  you don’t even know,

Don’t look for meanings, and definition

Because about your own love you can’t just  read in books, nor even google will help you,

I know, you may say what about those thousands of books which pretended to give an answer,

It is true, there you can find love,

But not yours, because yours is in another book, another story, another life,

Your love it is in your book.

Maybe you shouldn’t look for love,

Maybe you shouldn’t say that you don’t believe in love,

The love is you, and you are gave to this world,

Not just for to breathe, not just for to live

And when the moonlights night coming, just stay until late to ask the sky “Why”.

Even if you think that is nothing there,

Maybe you should wait, and  see how breaking stars will show you their shine,

Shine  love.

Maybe you shouldn’t look for love and happiness,

It can be those traces where doesn’t take you anywhere,

And you still don’t know that love and happiness it is your home, and that window from where you can see the blue sky with those free birds,

Or it can be that silence of peace, when you take a deep breathe,

Maybe you shouldn’t look for love,

Cause I already saw that in your eyes, just try to open them to this world.





We said that we don’t believe in love.



-What does love mean to you? He asked her with silence in his eyes.

-Ahh..Hmm..Well, I have to think about it, or I don’t really know.Nowadays love is hard to find. Can we just talk about anyhting else? She answered.

“Love is just a message that God left us,  that he still believes in people”, he said.And after he took a deeply breathe, and he said:

We say that we don’t believe in love, just because we are afraid that we will be hurt again, and we hide our souls from that painful world, and we hide our hearts deeply where nobody and nothing could find them.”Let them think that we are cold people,and our  hearts were made from ice “, it’s how we keep saying. Because how we felt after love past, what we saw, what love did with us, doesn’t really make us fall in love again. We don’t want to feel again that pain early in the morning, when the sun breaks the earth and the sky and both shine together, we never want to come back home and open the door without saying anything, we don’t want  to give all of us and after that to be left in just broken pieces.And in the end you think you never wanna love again, but anyway you are wrong.

Let me tell you a secret, love never asks you when it should come, and also love doesn’t ask when it’s the right time to come, she doesn’t really care if you apparently think that you don’t believe in this. And suddenly one morning you wake up with someone next to you, his skin, his smell, his hands in your hair, his breathe on your neck, his body pressed so close to yours, his lips on your face, and his hands move to your back and his lips work their way up to yours,  his little soul makes you wanna stay, and  be late at work, just because you don’t want to let this moment to go.

It’s just happened like that, in one day you realize that in the left part of your body you can feel pain, you don’t know of course how you can describe that, even if you can play with words without any limit, but you just don’t know how come the love could find your soul. Of course, it’s going to take time, when you will realize that eventually you still believe in love. Because love comes slowly in your arms, in your skin and still lives under your veins. And you will be nervous, and scared, cause you felt before what marks love can leave, but if you will choose love before everything, you can be happy and free again.

I still don’t believe in love, but love usually doesn’t ask me anything. And in the end you will receive the love you think you deserve.

My shadow.


I remember our first night.I didn’t know you at all, but your desire to know me aroused my curiosity.We shared a few words, and with your eyes of darkness shadow  you showed to me the lights of this sky. It’s weird how we are so different, but how we could  attracted each other.  You made me stop and thinking  about you after and after.And you left.Somehow, our reflections in this sky wanted us to meet each other again. It’s silence between us, and the shy girl couldn’t  really breathe when you dawned your eyes into her blue eyes.You brought me into the rhythm of your body, making me see the world with the shade of hope and extremely happiness.

I remember the Autumn days in your embrace. I remember that morning when I woke up and the silence took my heart forever.I remember that night when the moon watched us how we didn’t let a space between our body.I remember how we climb mountains and how we lose our souls in the autumn’s colors.

I remember how I asked to you for not to lie to me.Because I always want to know the truth.It’s how is easy to live.

I love your taste in music.I love your smile, and the way how you trying to be serious.I love when I walked with you. I love when I can feel your hand in my hand and  I love to look into your eyes. Your kind words and love had etched hope into my once dying heart. I have found peace in your arms.I don’t know yet if I have and if I feel something in the left part of my body, but I can feel now how my soul found the inspiration for this life.

You and I together create a chaos of love with no boundaries. Your kindness and gentleness painted my world bright and beautiful. You conspire me to want life, to fall into the bliss of your kiss and embrace. You make my imperfect world perfect.

I don’t know who you are yet, and I don’t know what we are, but I can tell you that we found peace and purity in our eyes.

The sad clown of this time.


Don’t worry little clown with sober world under your eyelash,

Don’t be afraid of your reflection in mirror,

If you can’t take this life without the mask, it’s okay,

Just don’t lose who you are in your mask.

Drown your face in your pure tears,

Paint your sad face in color of happiness,

Cover your body in bandages for open wounds,

And live their life, but not become like them,

And play their game, but not lose like them.

Questioningly he expresses the need he feels to walk by your side

In the crowd that stare at his stupidity

He sees his own reflection

Crying for his rejection

And you laugh.

What a show, a true delight

Cannot be he cries at night!


-I am so sad, said the man in front of the mirror, he drown his soul in her pure tears under her lashes.I am so scared of this game that they put me to play. A game with rules but nobody wants to respect them.

-Game ? Which one?

-They call it, life. But so far, I couldn’t see life at all.



President Trump didn’t bought America!


It’s a big regression for America. Yesterday I was sure that America will chose liberty,democracy,  free society where we are able to make choices, where we are able to respect each others, doesn’t matter if we are white, black, men or women, where you can give individuals freedoms and holding them accountable. Yesterday I was sure that America will never be something that you can buy or sell, that for first she can be history before to be a good economy. I was sure that America will be a good place to make your dreams, but not a dishonest way to make good money.

America wasn’t just country where you can make a really good money, she was another planet if I can say that, planet that had the most perfect form of government, the most exciting sporting events, the tastiest food and amplest portions, the largest cars, the cheapest gasoline, the most abundant natural resources, the most productive farms, the most devastating nuclear arsenal and the friendliest, most decent and most patriotic folks on Earth, where you could discover yourself in a good way, where she pushed you to work for yourself and to forget about self-pity.

But now America will be a great country for white people,middle class-and male, heterosexual, now we know that they can do anything with us ( female) because we won’t be respected anymore.It’s not America’s victory! This is their victory, they won and it’s not funny anymore for rest of us.For America today 11/09/2016 is a degeneration, I can say that.And I don’t know how that could happened.

It’s that way we should learn history in school, not just mathematics. Did America needed that, or to be a country which stands on principles?

America you will never be great again, and I am afraid of those 59,589,821 votes that after all, if the president of the “I can do anything”world can grab a women by the pussy, they will ask why can’t I ?I am afraid that Trump’s ridiculous and vacuous language will be normalized.It may be ridiculous to fighting for a reduction in sexual assault when the president of America doesn’t care and can do whatever he wants. I am afraid of those people that for them it’s more important a economic situation then morale principles.

Maybe there is something that we can take from Trump. He believes that nothing is impossible; that you can do anything, you can be a Reality T.V. star one day and President of the most powerful country the next. So I ask, why should increased gender, racial or religious equality be an impossibility even under a Trump presidency? Today is the type of day we have to say  ‘we may have lost the battle, but we haven’t lost the war’.

Who am I America? A woman who wanted to be respected but start from today I can expect everything from them, and I can’t even say something because my words doesn’t mean anything.

And who you are America?

When Americans say it was great I know it was good. When they say it was good, I know it was okay. When they say it was okay, I know it was bad.And today is the day that we are okay!!

The important job of American voters yesterday was  to determine which hearts, minds and souls command those qualities best suited to unify a country rather than further divide it, to heal the wounds of a nation as opposed to aggravate its injuries, and to secure for the next generation a legacy of choices based on informed awareness rather than one of reactions based on unknowing fear.Read again, and think if that famous “poet” Trump with his poetry was the best choice for America.

I can do anything!

‘I just start kissing them.

It’s like a magnet.

Just Kiss.

I don’t even wait.

And when you’re a star they let you do it.

You can do anything.

Grab them by the pussy.

You can do anything.’

Can he become a real president that America needs ?


Free falling.


My grandfather once told me, be careful with people, because all the time they buy you flight tickets for free falling.

I tried to understand so many times, what he meant but in the end I saw with my own eyes, felt on my own skin and with my beating heart how is to be on a free falling flight. Still, I would like to know where they got those tickets.

Yes, I have fallen.

Now, I am here. And I am so hollow. But it seems like I have fallen in the right place.

I am here in front of the ocean, alone and holding my broken soul with my hands. The sunshine passes through me, because I am just a little empty point in the horizon. I am still to shine even with my tears in my eyes, and with pain in my bones. The ocean can read my thoughts and I don’t know if he will let me in. He can take everything he wants, even my soul and my breath. I just want to leave my life on the shore, and fell how the waves break my body slowly and then with hunger destroys everything in me. With heavy breath, I know that at the end I will float like a fallen autumn leaf on the lake. And I am not scared to drown in the ocean’s love. I know that the love for me it’s something to read in happy ending books, or movies. But people who do not believe in love, they still need love. They find love in miracles of nature. The ocean can love me until I’ll die, he can love me in all ways just in one moment. I ask him about different kinds of love. With him I can count every single moment, he will kill me but he will die for me. Love in my eyes, in my soul, and under my skin. It’s hard to breath.

He is drowning in my eyes, and he wants that. But he will never let me drown in his arms. I want so much to wander in his huge arms.