Mom’, if in someday I won’t find you there, my world will disappear at once with you. Because you are the only one hope in my life that this world can be heal, the only one love, and the only one happiness. Always when I am tired, tired of my scares, of my mornings, of my life, I know immediately that I can run there, with all my soul and I can find you there. There is a different life, silence and love, and just me and you. Can you take me home, mom’? Please? I promise you that I will be so quiet. I don’t want grow up. Stop the time, because it’s hurts.

Don’t ask me how I am in this new life, I will write for you a letter and I will send to you all my feelings, and I will open for you my heart and my soul, but please don’t cry, because I cannot choose the words.


Somebody told me that we don’t choose our life. It’s right, mom ? Because you taught me that we make choices. We can make our life happy or sad, we can control everything, every single moment. We staying beside to our success, to our mistakes, to our sadness, to our happiness. Nobody can make choice in your life, if you don’t let this to happens. Who can be responsible of your life, if not you? Who have to care about your life? But sometimes we can have difficult moment , and in that moment, we thing that we are weary.

I been looking to find my life in every single minutes, and I tried to find the answer, and I will never give up until I will find my way, my way for arrive there.

She said that everyone was born to change the world, to be someone, to be everything.Everyone have a place in this life, have their own place, and when in one morning you will wake up with peace, that means that you find already your way, your place, and who you are in this life.

I am not strong enough how I want to be, but when I am done, I didn’t forget how my mother  taught me to feel this life with my closed eyes.And everything it’s going to be allright.

I don’t know who I am yet, but I know for what i was born, and I am still looking for my answer every single day.

Mom’ can you be there any times when I need you and when I will be looking for you.



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