The silence of moonlight.


As I started to walk endlessly from you in the moonlight,
I understood:
I was never good at goodbyes.
I could feel something under my bones,
Just hurting to take a last look.
I had an intense desire to see if you were still there.
After I voluntarily uncovered my injured soul to you,
Bitter at such an early stage,
To see a bandaged innocent soul.

So I looked behind me.

I concluded why I looked into your eyes :
Your dark eyes were so mysterious,
So gentle and inviting that my heart melted.
I was trying to look deep into your thoughts,
Deep into your mind,
Trying to see what was in your heart.
But I could find many things that could make me shake.
And what hypnotized me most was that
You were looking at me in the same passion.

So I stopped and turned fully around.

I kept thinking to myself:
Why can’t I find someone like you?
You’re unusual than the rest of them.
Would it be too weird?
I can’t do this to you, can I?

What made me let go of my past and have a future:
It’s like you were holding a mirror approaching me
So the reflection of the moon,
Could get through the broken parts of me,
And shine.

I walked away, but he held my hands and whispered:

Takes a lot of energy to stay that profoundly beautiful and to glow over that much darkness, as the moon does.
Or you!

“Imagine by Laura M.”

Published by daianapirgaru

Hello, there! My name is Diana. I am from the Republic of Moldova. Moved to the United States in 2016, and started from the beginning. I was born to inhale words instead of air, to have ink instead of blood, to live thousands of years everything people live in a moment. Since I remember myself, I had this deep connection with the moon, autumn, and woods. I was the sensitive child in the family or the weirdest one. I discovered my passion at an early age, but my wings were broken since I was in high school. Didn't stop flying. Moved to another planet, where I had to learn English from the beginning. I am an overexcited person who adores words and struggles with grammar. I write gritty short stories, novels, and poems, holidays articles, etc. Besides that, I am a student and a MOM.

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