Don’t fall in love with a writer
because you’ll never find a way to survive,
In this love that has no eyes.
We don’t love bodies
for the sake of their shape
we take each inch of them
until their bones
and feel them in thousands of words
in hundreds of books
we love you with the deepest part
we inhale you
we take you to our roots
we give you your eternity of you
we take you as you
the one that you don’t know that exist
and when we love,
we love you in anyways, that our veins hurt
with fire, with honesty


Don’t fall in love with a writer
because we will spend a lifetime
trying to find the perfect way,
to describe how you left us
In anyway

Don’t fall in love with a writer
we will torture your spirit
without even going there.
that you’ll never keep the sparkle
under the light of a thousand stars

Don’t fall in love with a writer
we will hang you up on the moon
while every star is watching
and tell the universe about the feeling of your touch
and about the butterflies that you created in our veins
And then we will tell with sadness
how you destroyed every centimeter of them
we will endure you under the sun
so you get burn with every word
that finishes in ” I don’t”.

Don’t fall in love with a writer
because if you tear our soul
we will be drowning in silence
until your ears go deaf
we’ll use our revenge
and our grief
and the explosion of them both
to make swords of all the words you said
we will take the blood you lost
and paint everything that is yours
to leave you with a reminder of what you did

Don’t fall in love with a writer
we will suck your blood and use instead of ink
until you got nothing to give
and send to people you loved
as a beautiful memory of your soul

Do not fall in love with a writer
because once we are destroyed
the world will see the damage you can cause
the bruises left on lips
the tear-stained cheeks
the bones you broke
the lies we carry on our spine
the empty holes in our skin that you’ve touched
the dark cycle under eyes
the sadness in our words

Don’t fall in love with a writer
we will keep you walking on our immortal heart
every night
until your tissues aches
to show you what it means
to use and play with our words
and each word will be saved in our draft
but you’ll never survive from our box of trash.

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