A letter to my daughter, the one I wished to receive from my mother, and the one my mother wished to receive from hers, because there weren’t times for that .”

I am here for you, any time, and all the time you need. Forever. Just call me “mom”, and I’ll stay as long you want me to stay. I will shine over you, be you, be me.
I know how you feel each inch of me. You know me, as you created me and I created you. I know when you don’t sleep at night.
I can’t hide how I feel, it’s not easy to hide anything from you as you see me with the purest eye of your soul. We are a bond of energy that only survives together. Our love is beyond the earth, sky, people. Our love will last for decades, for decades my darling!I promise this hug, this hug right now heals my root, my wounds. There is your energy that is responding to mine, you and me. We are providing a two way street energy.

I’ll protect you over and over again because I made this promise to the universe, to life!
I’ll be a wall that never breaks
I’ll be your light when there is no one
I’ll walk with you in the darkness if there is
I’ll be your source of energy and happiness
I’ll teach you how to forgive and walk away
I’ll teach you how to love again
I’ll cry with you when you want to cry
I’ll be strong when you want to be weak
I’ll hold you close whenever you want
I’ll heal your pain when your bones hurts
I’ll suffer in silence so you can’t see
I’ll be whatever you want me to be
I’ll carry you all day and all night
I’ll never tell you how tired my body is
I’ll play with you and be surprised
To everything you call life
I’ll chose you over them all
And I’ll chose me to teach what’s self love

Because you are love, you are love my daughter and love never breaks. Listen to people, everyone has something to say but no everything is important. Don’t hold on things, feelings, or people. None of them, defines who you really are. You’ll see through the life when all of them collapse.Be there and allow to happen, and leave as soon it dose not feel right. Always, but always choose you. Because through you you can give life.Love life the way I love you. Love this life. Dance, sing, cry, laugh, fall. I’ll watch you with patience my baby.Look at the life the way I look at you every morning.
Wake up your life the way you wake me up 🙂!
I’ll teach you everything I missed. Or we will learn everything together. Chose love, no matter what. Never give all of you. Never give up on your independence even if comfort sounds like a lot of fun. Always keep clean your part of the bedside. Take time for yourself, often. Don’t compromise. Know your respect.
Be modest. Be elegant. Be you. Don’t let the society to influence you.
Under my arm I’ll always protect you, and teach you how you need to protect yourself.
And today, no matter how much pain I carry, know that holding you in my arms, my soul is healing. Know that our love is powerful. Know that there is magic in life. And know how grateful I am. Everything I need is you being happy. We are blessed my love, very blessed.

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