In this house where you holding secrets
Are these the walls of a broken house?

show me the parts of you
you are not that proud of
because I’ve seen and I’ve seen you
and I could watch you for the rest of my days
Tell me that every time you touch me
you feel my pain
deep down where my roots are
everything inside of me is screaming
everything inside of me is alive
everything inside of me is living
the best softly painful life
Tell me how you have the same stitches
on our blind hearts that promise not to fail us
no one will ever find out how we broke our first promise
just tell me what you want me to feel
just tell me what I am supposed to feel
Tell me how you love me
because your art is killing me softly
the way you kiss me between
the way you feel me, stay still
they way you slowly count time
the way you measure my breath each time
don’t let that get away from you

Tell me what you never said out loud
say my name
but shh, don’t tell the world
They would take me from your fingers
Or they would try, they would try
until we both give up
on what we wished to have

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