There are two important things that we all know. Those are, we all suffer and we all can heal.

I’ve met people deeply been through so much pain that while you listening to them your own spine shrinks. Your heart is crying. Your soul is screaming inside.
I’ve met people with wounds intensely hurt to watch.
I’ve met people with a broken soul but full of light, and they never knew how much they can shine.
I’ve met people severely couldn’t get up from bed because the body or the mind was failing.
I’ve met people profoundly are so tired of being strong.
I’ve met people so lost who chose to die or give up.
I’ve met people whose roots were cracking in rust, because of their guilt.
I’ve met people heavily carry so much on their minds, becoming blind.
I’ve met people wildly abused, so your freedom is a luxury.
I’ve met deadly hungry people, which your normal bread is life for you right now.
Be patient, because no matter your pain, we all have rust on our roots. We all suffer, we all are connected.
Some of the people still suffer, and some of them are in the process of healing.
People who choose to suffer are always talking. They will stop you on the street, in the store, at the party. They have this need to interrupt you. They demand your time. Heavily talking about how much they’ve been hurt, always talking about what happened to them, they pick a thing, or an accident or they pick a person, and keep going on this misery, and then they never stop. Those people are blind. Never present. Live in the past. So loud. They are abusing their time, and energy, without having any clue on how is their reflection in our universe. They don’t focus on how to heal or find peace. They want you to know “What didn’t happen, but how they see it.” So the moment they evoke those moments of their problems they all of a sudden feel unhappy, they feel hopeless, they feel sadness.
Now how you think and how you feel creates your state of being so the person’s entire state of being when they start the day is in the past.
So what does that mean? This is what Dr. Joe Dispenza tells you…
It turns out if you acknowledge that emotional reaction it’s called a refractory period to last for hours or days, that’s called a mood.
Say to someone “Hey, what’s up? I’m in my bad mood”. “Why are you in a mood?” “ Well, I had this thing happened to me 5 days ago and I’m having one long emotional reaction.”
If you keep that same emotional reaction going on for weeks or months, that’s called temperament.
Why is he so angry? I don’t know, let’s ask him, Why is he so angry? Why are you angry? Well, I had this thing happen to me 9 months ago.
And if you keep that same emotional reaction going on for years on end, that’s called a personality trait. So learning how to shorten your refractory period of emotional reactions is really where the work starts. So then people, when they have an event what they do, is they keep recalling the event because the emotions of stress hormones’ survival emotions are saying pay attention to what happened because you want to be prepared it happens again.
When you suffer, you never want to blame anyone, and give them this power. You don’t want to be the victim, but sometimes you are. However, the real victim is quite because in silence, stillness they can heal. Victims go through another level of pain. They isolate, they don’t want to tell what happened, because it’s shame, it’s more pain, it’s the real hurt. They don’t have the mind of an abuser, they can’t defend. They don’t want to focus on what happened to them, they just want to heal. They usually step up from the situation, they see their actions, and if you never heard them talking about the situation, or the thing, or person, you know they are in the process of getting peace.

Life is a process of learning how to accept pain and get wiser. Life is a process of loving pain. And there isn’t hate for any process of healing. No hate for you, for them, for what happened. Life is what you make it happen, no matter how many times they hit you with their dirty hands or words. You don’t own a thing, or a word to the world. Let people talk, let people do whatever makes them happy. In the end, what they think they know, they don’t know.

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