white dandelion flower
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


My grandfather used to tell me every time he had a chance:

“The answer is within you, is all within you”.

We all carry lessons, words, wounds, that at some point in our life they show up.

Everything we are seeking is within us. However, we got this broken society, raising us. Coming to this world, as pure joy, that doesn’t know anything except that we are happy and we enjoy life as it is. No matter what. But, somehow a false wake up call is shaping us and telling us” we must dress this way, we must speak this way, we must learn this way, we must follow the rules, we can’t laugh this way, we need to love this way, we have to have this way” so now we become something else just to fit it. Shaping every day only to fit it. Carrying this on our shoulders, we are trying everything they tell us but this is not making us truly happy.

They tell us to get married, or have kids, or get the perfect job, the biggest house, the funnies, and coolest friends. More hot girlfriends, more clothes, more things. Wait this is not enough. Two or three houses. A yacht. A boat. Fix your nose, fix your lips. Change the way you smile, change the way you speak.

“This is the world we are living in, this is everyone’s map, this is normal therefore, it’s the truth. No one is questioning, if it’s coming from up there, it must be right. Besides that, everyone on social media looks happy, we need all to do the same.”

Little do we know, that is a lie. A broken lie coming from people that are always living in a time that will never exist, FUTURE. A broken lie that is coming from a society that is on autopilot. A broken lie that comes from people that never ever had a clue of who they really are. A broke lie that comes from people that are driven by their ego.

So we try more to fill our time with temporary things, or people, and with that comes a very deep pain. Because we are questioning, why I have it all and I don’t feel the fulfillment, the happiness people post about it?

And in one day, we collapse. Our beautiful houses, our beautiful bodies, our successful careers, our temporary people, or kids that we raised them at the level of our own consciousness, everything is gone because they did not bring us the promised happiness.

What do we do next? We blame our partners, or on our kids, or on our bosses, or maybe we change the light in the house.

And we lose it all. From the suffering that is burning inside of our veins, comes something beautiful if we let that out…

We all are seeking happiness in people, things, future. Without any clue that is in us. And we all are the same. We all can have that. We don’t need anything, as we are made complete. We are not coming in half as they show us in movies. Our problem is that we don’t know who we are. We got caught in our body-mind levels, and we think: this is it, this is who I am.

The truth is there isn’t any truth. There is only us, and we are a energy capable to connect with nature and become it. We are not our mind or body, therefore everything we desired as body or mind will eventually fail.

Because once we seek that deep level of ourselves, which we all have it. We understand what we are. We find peace. We don’t need anything. We are not our ego, our body. There isn’t any more fear. We are not attached to people. We live the life God gave it to us. We live the one life, the strongest, the purest, the lasting. We know that we are capable to love everyone the same way we love ourselves. With that, we build a home in our hearts, we become God in every choice we make. We live every second as it is. We don’t suffer anymore. We accept life as it is. We choose love as the one and forever, and if that love goes away, we keep the same light towards it. We never become hate. We reconnect with the universe, the way we did as when we were kids, and then we discover how a wonderful root of a tree can make us, so happy.

And if we travel this way, and we found ourselves, we become only a light, full of vibrance and energy, and from there, nothing else will matter then life itself.

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