Dear daughter,

This morning I wanted to teach you how to meditate. How amazing to find out, that everything I wanted to show you, you already knew.


There is a lot of things going on right now in the world. We are locked in the house, isolated, people are getting sick, or how you like to say ” BOO, BOO”.  A lot of change and unknown, and those two combined could destroy an unconscious human being. Therefore, there is a river of broken energy that the whole world is sending. I know, it shouldn’t be this way, but it is. Therefore, if it can’t be controlled, it needs to be accepted.

As you know, there is a magic trick for BOO, BOO that helps you each time I use it.

Don’t be afraid. I know you are not. But there is a energy in the air, it comes from outside. It can affect each of us. It does not come from me, or you. It comes from people that never found the answer in life, it comes from people that are suffering because of their loss, or mind. That’s why you and I have a small and powerful mission for that.

I trust you. You know how to be present. Everything for you is unknown, and that doesn’t scare you but fascinates you. As you are the pure meaning of life. Life as it is. Life now. You don’t have a psychological clock. You are everything that happens now, and I can tell you the same story about that “little cat” millions of times, it will still fascinate you. What an amazing reflection of the life you are. I know you look up to me. I know you feel each inch of me. I know you know how my heart is biting. I know you see me through your soul’s eyes. I know how you see this little firefly around our heads. I know there isn’t a need to say anything when I hold you. We are fire. We are light. We are an ocean. We are so strong together. I love you as you are, and you love me as I am. Without expectations, without our mind, or body. Your touch goes straight to my soul. Every time I hold you, we celebrate life, and life itself is singing. We laugh until our belly hurts. You cry until you let all out. You want me to sit there in peace when you do, and wait until you get everything out. I do it when you sleep. It’s painful, it is. But it’s a necessary pain.


The whole world right now needs that, needs me and you. The whole world needs a powerful hug. We are so strong together, that every time I hug you my body is burning. You touch the deepest part of my soul. We become that astonishing energy, therefore my dear, we need to send this to the world. We shall no worry who is going to open the window, we are sending it anyway.

Our love is made with God’s hands. There isn’t anything else. That pure love that comes from a river, never ever ending.

Therefore, my dear, I am not afraid. I trust God. I trust you. I trust us and our love. The power of now that sinks in our mind right now, like life itself, this stillness and peace can heal the roots and roots of a broken mind. We are the healing, we are what we need. We have everything, and we have the power to give. We can share this light. And no space, or people, or disease will ever break us because life itself wins. When we start love life, there is not fear.

Love and fear dose do not go together. I know it might be hard to understand at first because your mind will tell you ” but I am afraid to lose it”. When you find that love, feel with the deepest level of life, you’ll understand that you can’t lose anything.

You can’t trust God and love him, and being afraid at the same time.

I am not afraid, and you, my baby, follow my trace. I got you.

Trust me, as I trust you. Follow my energy, together we will send to the whole world, love, stillness, peace. It works every time.

I know you’ll be innocently happy to tell me, ” I love this coronavirus because mommy is always home”, it is true, my dear and I should follow your purest, deepest thought.

There is a lot of pain in the world, we pray and send love for people…

There is a lot of suffer and grief, we pray and send love for people…

There is a lot of isolation and unknown,  we pray and send love for people…

Say it, my dear,

I am love. I am kind. I am light. I am pure energy. I am healthy. I am awake. I am awesome. I am amazing. I am enough. I am strong. I am happy, and of course, you can add as you always do ” I am cute”. 🙂

So people in one day could wake up. We can’t teach them, but we can make space for them. Life gave us a chance now, to seek inside of us the meaning of us and our light. It costs lives, pain, and a lot of suffering. It does. But can we make something beautiful from it? No fear ever changed anything or worrying about something that might happen or not. Instead, love did it all.

with love in my heart,

your mom

until the time you’ll read my letters



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