Dear Ocean,
as I hold on my last breath thinking
take my body which I call it home
take my name when I am dead and gone
and throw my existence in the river
so no one will call you the killer
but know that I lived my whole life long
and gave all the love that I could’ve given

but Dear Ocean,
don’t take me
without me living a trace
and don’t take me
if you hear my soul’s voice
and the name of people I love
and don’t take me if you saw
my broken spirit
and don’t take me if you felt
that I was never ready to let me go
and don’t celebrate my death
because if I survive
I’ll write nights and days
about what trace you left in my soul
what bruises you left on my lungs
and the rustic fear that makes my whole body crunch
Because this will never be forgotten
or forgiven

How would you describe the sound of help to a deaf ocean?

There is something in my veins
and it feels like fire
there’s an ocean cloud over my head
and it feels like I am drowning
The ocean fools me and takes me down to the water
The old waves gonna keep me struggle
and hold me like I was never forgiven
My dreams weren’t ready
to let me go
Telling myself what it feels to hold the peace
in my hands

there ain’t, much time to celebrate my thoughts
puling me back
the ocean himself is celebrating
his winning
couldn’t hide his shame
as I am sinking
and the last hope
keeps saying
that’s not my time
the ocean is pretending that is deaf
I wonder
how many voices had to die in him
asking for help

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com