I wasn’t looking for love
Because I eternally have found
only broken pieces inside my bones
only sad smiles inside my spine

And my soul is so cloudy from carrying it all
How not lose my ground?
But he found me,
I had to destroy books
To ask and concede if he could love me
Without me letting him in first
To find if he sees me the same
He asked me: Do you want to live it all?
Or watch how your ego burns everything inside you
I said I’d willingly try to hold on to you forever
Because I know that I will love you
And I’m not letting go
If your eyes darken above you
I’ll hang the starts, for you to glow
I never saw my broken heart
The way you showed me now
Some wounds will never pass
But I know there’s nothing I’ll ever find better
holding you close
feels like home
I wasn’t lookin’ for you
But you found me

photo by Ddenisse

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