lately, the love of our modern life
became a joke
people don’t ask anymore
about pure love
all they want to know
is what you own
no one here alive
coming with deep thought
~ but I couldn’t help myself
from interfering
I had a question for them
that I had been powerless to move
I couldn’t escape it
~ the question tied
itself to my soul
~ I had to ask
if for no other reason
then to feel the eyes

“Are we losing the meaning of what love is?”
or are we carrying wounds and revenge
or perhaps we never learned
what true love is
because I am afraid we are passing
very wrong beliefs

and to discover the
moving answers
will make us new
if we just let the true
in it’s the sacred flow

let’s learn again how to be so very quiet
let’s learn again how to be so very still
let’s learn again how to be so very simple
while we can remain whole again

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