Who am I?

Oh, if only that was easy to say.

I don’t know who I am, but I am sure about who am I not.

It happens every time to me, asking myself what I am, Who Am I, What is my purpose???

What are the mistakes in my own life could teach me? Why do I make them again and again? Are those mistakes defining me?

Who Am I?



Sister, daughter, friend.

Are those things building me as a person?

What AM I?

The truth is I don’t even know. Because what we think that we know, it might be what we don’t know.

I am a soul, born in the universe of words. I am hungry for books, peace, love, inspiration, mountains, and silence. Moon is the light that is reflecting on my nights. I’ve been broke, in and out. Currently working on my damaged heart. The beauty is the pain between our woods, those little shiny lights that only you believe and see them.

I don’t believe in the idea of owning people’s heart or having them working on my own happiness.

I believe that kids are therapy for the heart. They laugh. Oh, my Emily!

I love life!

I cry often. But I smile all the time.

After all. I am a light on this planet. Made to shine and die.