The rhapsody of rain.

  Pour some rain on my wounds Deep down on my river full of scars, Pour life on ends that never woke up Deep down in my soul wound Turn on the music of this rain Make it loud, so loud That you will never hear again How my soul is screaming from pain Pour life on my dead hopes Deep down to the routs of childhood If you touch me there, The world can go deaf and blind Turn on this music of rain I promise you’ll wake the numb part Numbed for years Because no one was there. … Continue reading The rhapsody of rain.

I’ll keep it forever.

Would it be fair if I don’t say anything right now? Just give me this moment, I swear I’ll keep it forever. Would it be fair If I don’t say a word, but at the same time there are thousands of words digging in my soul? Could you tell how come we let this happened? Could we tell that we are wrong?But God, when our soul is touching each other when my skin is his skin when my smell becomes his smell when his lips go down on my neck. Could you tell me what is this? Would it be … Continue reading I’ll keep it forever.

Just words on his mind.

 I declare myself an useless ego, right? There is nothing new for me under the sun, Am I wrong again? Who am I? Or just an empty box with some dusty goals. Being hungry in your life, remember? You forgot to ask your old soul, why? There is a clock, and there is a time, Please, young soul, live the life. All this was a long time ago, I remember Throughout the whole life of us, one must continue to learn to live, and one to die, And I could live it again, everything again, With my old soul and … Continue reading Just words on his mind.