Don’t fall in love with a writer.

Don’t fall in love with a writer because you’ll never find a way to survive, In this love that has no eyes. We don’t love bodies for the sake of their shape we take each inch of them until their bones and feel them in thousands of words in hundreds of books we love you with the deepest part we inhale you we take you to our roots we give you your eternity of you we take you as you the one that you don’t know that exist and when we love, we love you in anyways, that our veins … Continue reading Don’t fall in love with a writer.

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

“The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.” – JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE   If we are lonely when we are alone, we are in bad company. And that’s when we need to change the direction of our thoughts, soul, life. It’s beautiful to be alone. It’s peaceful, it’s right. It is normal, and it’s important. Most of the time, we are so afraid to be alone. Sitting, sleeping, eating, walking… or doing anything or nothing with ourselves..we feel uncomfortable, something is not right. Because we have beliefs, wrong ideas about what life is and what makes us happy. … Continue reading The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

The silence of moonlight.

As I started to walk endlessly from you in the moonlight, I understood: I was never good at goodbyes. I could feel something under my bones, Just hurting to take a last look. I had an intense desire to see if you were still there. After I voluntarily uncovered my injured soul to you, Bitter at such an early stage, To see a bandaged innocent soul. So I looked behind me. I concluded why I looked into your eyes : Your dark eyes were so mysterious, So gentle and inviting that my heart melted. I was trying to look deep … Continue reading The silence of moonlight.

How little you know about happiness, you comfortable people.

Happiness depends on ourselves, simple as that. OK. You didn’t get it. Say it again. And again. And again. You’ll get it eventually. I’ll never understand, why we want to be so much loved if we are not able to love ourselves enough to be happy. I’ll never understand why do we think that we are not enough to live this life alone. There is a short answer, that no one wants to agree with. “You don’t love yourself”. Why people walking on this life feel broke, unhappy, disappointed, miserable, lonely? Why do they keep having this hope that there … Continue reading How little you know about happiness, you comfortable people.

To my fingers’symphony, or Piano’Soul.

There is such a piano epidemy that no one wants to talk about, just a few people survive. We don’t choose them, this mysterious instrument chooses us. Once is in your blood, your life is poised with a forever art, that can’t be healed. We all have a piano inside of our soul, but not all of us can go so deep and see. I met a Piano’s soul last night . I have this feeling that I met him in another life. My soul recognizes him. His fingers makes love with the piano. There is not need to be … Continue reading To my fingers’symphony, or Piano’Soul.

My Emily.

It took me a while to post about her. Because sometimes when you love someone with such a power, you are doing in silence, without sharing. The most beautiful things in life don’t have a price. We can’t buy them. We can’t see them. It is more an ability to embrace a feeling from the root of your own heart. Once we understand this, we can count more things that bring beautiful aspects of our everyday lives. If someone ever asks me, what is the most beautiful thing in my life? I’ll say, is not a thing, not a place, … Continue reading My Emily.


They said silence is gold…but they lied, Silence is the reason you care, don’t deny! Something up there is walking untold, Something up there is walking powerfully broke. It’s the slowest punishment, It’s that echo that screams and you shout. Silence takes more power than just some words Silence breaks you apart, tears down, leave you lost. Silence is the chills in your spine, Quiet sensitive at night. Don’t think silence can’t talk, Empty clock. Silence is saying what you afraid to say. Silence is a chosen way. She leaves you like a stone bone, ice soul, dry lips. But … Continue reading Silence.