This November there seems to be nothing to say.

November you are my favorite color. You are always the late folk that is unremembered. Cold but gentle. Some people don’t get your purpose. Because you are not for everyone.   You are the judge of fall. You are the look of hunger in a man with heat, is enough to lift an old woman from her knees. As a piece of confusion, he’s been looking for. He was declining to die, but now he’s coming back for more. The speculation of an old man when gets you apart, you can’t see what is coming, but there is a tree standing all … Continue reading This November there seems to be nothing to say.

Our souls don’t sleep at night.

Time they said… Time will heal all wounds but they lied.  So, you go on, with your broken parts, trying to find someone to fix them. No one can fix, or heal, or bandage you. – What about me? -Is this the part where you start tearing off strips of your shirt to bind my wounds? If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked. I know you can kiss my wounds with your soft lips that can numb them. But the numbness is not forever. Because to heal, you have to get to the … Continue reading Our souls don’t sleep at night.

For Women Who Are “Difficult” to Love’

He compares you to an impossible highway to a burning house Says you are blinding him that he could never leave you to forget you want anything but you you dizzy him, you are unbearable every woman before or after you is doused in your name you fill his mouth his teeth ache with the memory of a taste his body just a long shadow seeking yours but you are always too intense frightening in the way you want him unashamed and sacrificial he tells you that no man can live up to the one who lives in your head … Continue reading For Women Who Are “Difficult” to Love’

Selling a second-hand soul!

I sell my second-hand soul. Old soul. Poised few times. Sick in November. Kidney problems. Heart too big. Blind and deaf. Likes only silence, and maybe sometimes in the mood for wind. Usually does not make sense, but almost all the time active. Low blood pressure, losing contact with earth, at least once a month. Cold all the time. Can be fixed if you believe in it. Screams in his dreams. Strong to break each soul once it falls in love. Can’t run, not anymore. No parents. Looking all the time for light, but chooses darkness to live in. No … Continue reading Selling a second-hand soul!

The sad clown of this time.

Don’t worry little clown with sober world under your eyelash, Don’t be afraid of your reflection in mirror, If you can’t take this life without the mask, it’s okay, Just don’t lose who you are in your mask. Drown your face in your pure tears, Paint your sad face in color of happiness, Cover your body in bandages for open wounds, And live their life, but not become like them, And play their game, but not lose like them. Questioningly he expresses the need he feels to walk by your side In the crowd that stare at his stupidity He … Continue reading The sad clown of this time.

President Trump didn’t bought America!

It’s a big regression for America. Yesterday I was sure that America will chose liberty,democracy,  free society where we are able to make choices, where we are able to respect each others, doesn’t matter if we are white, black, men or women, where you can give individuals freedoms and holding them accountable. Yesterday I was sure that America will never be something that you can buy or sell, that for first she can be history before to be a good economy. I was sure that America will be a good place to make your dreams, but not a dishonest way … Continue reading President Trump didn’t bought America!

Don’t run.

Dear Soul, I know that with every single day you lose your breath. I am trying to create for you an abyss, maybe you can hide from this world.  If you can wait for me a little longer I will take you in that place where you should be. I can feel that you are afraid of this world, of these fake people who pretend to be real, afraid of this life. I can feel you in every single second. I am afraid too. I know, you cannot breathe in this city, and I am so scared to lose you. … Continue reading Don’t run.